What is the difference between a LOGO and a BRAND?​

A logo is just a logo, a brand is the identity of the entire company. You know the thing that makes all big companies look so professional always in advertising, on social media, in print, on signs, yes everywhere …?

It’s thanks to their brand identity!


Although, a logo is most definitely included in branding, starting a brand is not the same as getting a logo and setting up an Instagram account.

Your BRAND is the face of your BUSINESS, why do it half-heartedly?​

Branding is the most powerful thing you have in your business. Say you have an excellent product, but your brand is not ‘on point’ – you have put together a logo yourself, found some random ready-made templates for social media, and changed colors for the third time last week (so that no one recognizes your brand). Will you sell solely on having a great product? No.

Say that you instead have a rather mediocre product but a strong brand with a clear graphic profile and brand identity. Will you sell the product then? Yes, we see other companies doing this all the time!


= Magic!

Brand identity

A Brand Identity helps you elevate your business by building trust and connecting with your target audience.

A brand identity helps you who want to start a brand with a clear brand identity and graphic profile.

For you who want your company to show a professional uniform front and increase the recognition factor. Everything you need.

We create your brand identity & graphic profile

We will strategically develop your unique brand and logo that resonates with your target audience, based on analytics of your values, competitors, and most importantly; your brand personality. Based on this, we create a brand that is not only nice to look at, but also helps you to Shine online with an effort to make your business better.

Easy for you to use

We understand that not everyone is a graphic designer, and at first you may be managing your own social media, campaigns and the like. Therefore, we create tools so that you can keep the same line for the brand even after we hand it over to you.

Brand guidelines manual

Your Brand Guidelines Manual is a PDF handbook for your graphic profile & brand identity. This is a profile manual (brand guidelines manual) that describes your graphic profile and the feeling that is to be conveyed for the brand, as well as your benchmarks in detail. This handbook helps you to present a uniform look to the outside world, and gives the whole company a more professional feel. In addition, it is great to have for ex. new employees, web designers or others who will work with your brand so that everyone can adhere to the same guidelines and continue to present a professional look.

Social media

Social Media is today by far one of the biggest channels, not only for marketing, but also for creating and maintaining relationships with customers. We create templates for social media that specially resonates for your brand voice. We create these templates in Canva, which is an incredibly simple, free online program where you can create graphic designs for, among other things, social media. Just log in to their website, replace the text and any pictures, and you have a new post to your social media that is ‘spot on’ your brand and gives the whole feed the same vibe as your brand!

If you work with a social media manager, they are surely already familiar with this program and can work further with the templates we create for you.


Although social media is huge today, you must not forget the physical. A Brand identity is a whole, therefore we also help to create print files such as product labels, design of product packaging, business cards, flyers, street speakers, magazines, brochures etc., so that you are always ready, regardless of how you meet your customers.

Of course, this is not all, fill in a brand enquiry with your needs, and we will get back to you with a custom package that suits your needs.

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