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I use cookies on this website. A cookie or cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer / tablet / phone in the browser that contains information. It is used to make it easier for the visitor to the site. If you do not want any cookies, you can set this in your browser.

I use cookies to make the site better for you who visit the site. If, for example, you make some settings or choices on the website, information about it can be saved in a cookie.

Different types of cookies

There are different types of cookies, this site may use the following:

Persistent cookie. They save a file that remains for a long time on your computer / tablet / phone. The second type is called session cookie. While you are on our site, it is temporarily stored in the memory of your computer / tablet / phone.

Session cookie: A session cookie disappear when you close your browser.

I use the following cookies on

  • Necessary cookies are necessary for the operation of my site. For example, they make it possible for you to choose the language of the website.
  • Functional cookies are used to recognize you when you return to my site. It enables me to make the site’s content more personal to you, and to remember your preferences. For example, you clicked on the cookie banner or your choice of language.
  • Analytical / performance cookies allow the site to recognize and count the number of visitors and see how visitors navigate when they use the site. They also help me improve how the site works, for example to make sure visitors find what they are looking for.

How I use cookies

I mainly use cookies for the functions on the website to work.

The cookies that are saved are a cookie to remember which language you selected, a cookie to remember that you clicked the cookie banner, so that it does not appear every time you visit the site. These two cookies are saved for one year, so you don’t have to choose the language or see the cookie banner every time you visit the site.

The site also use cookies to keep statistics about the site using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is anonymized data.

Here you can read more about Google Analytics cookies:

Occasionally a session cookie that is deleted when you close the browser.

Block cookies

You can set the browser to automatically deny the storage of cookies or be notified every time a site requests to store a cookie on your computer. However, this may mean that you do not have access to all the functionality on the website. Through the browser you can also delete cookies that were previously stored. See your browser’s settings for more information on this.

The cookie law

Lag (2003:389) om elektronisk kommunikation

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