Graphic design

How do you want your customers to see you?

Graphic design can be any type of digital design or design made for print. Need help with a Facebook ad or a flyer? Then we can help you. A nicely designed flyer or ad can be crucial if the customer will choose you or someone else.

Let your clients see you as a professional.

What is Graphic design?

Graphic design can be anything from the design of a label to the design of a stamp, or help with an Instagram post. Graphic design can also be the design of a banner, the design of business cards, the design of flyers for print or the design of Facebook ads.

How we work

We mostly work with Adobe’s program to create graphic material. Depending on the type of graphic material to create, we use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and iPad Pro with the apps Adobe Fresco and Procreate. With these programs, we can create all different designs with all different types of effects that can be desired. Using these programs, we also generate the files needed for your particular purpose. It can for example be Vector, PDF, JPG or PNG files.

We upload the files in the cloud where you can then download them, so they always maintain the same high quality.

If you’re in the need of templates you can edit yourself, we can create that in Canva. It’s a web-based program that is super easy to use!

The process

When we help you create graphic material, we firstly find out what it is you are looking for and the most important questions are:
What do you want to convey and which customers are your target group?

Based on your answers and wishes, we then create the material. Of course, the material is also adapted to the media in which it is supposed to be used. If it is made for print, then the correct settings are used in the files for it. And if it is going to be used digitally, for example in a Facebook ad, we create the right files for that medium.

We work with Adobe’s program for creating logos. Depending on the type of logo to create, we use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and iPad Pro with the Adobe Fresco app. With these programs, we create professional logos in vector format.

We can help you with both text logos, logos with graphic elements or hand-drawn and handwritten logos. We combine different methods where we use computer as well as iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create your unique logo.

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