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We’ll give you a custom proposal for design based on your needs for: 

  • Profile picture for Facebook and Instagram

    We customize your logo for Facebook and Instagram. If you want a professional profile picture and already have a logo in either Vector format or high resolution PNG or JPG.

  • Custom brand pattern

    We design a seamless vector pattern based on your wishes and graphic profile. We also create new elements that are used in the pattern. Element can ex. be icons, sketches, shapes, frills etc. which matches your brand and builds the pattern itself. We deliver vector files so that the pattern can be used in all medias, such as napkins, tissue paper, curtains, pillows, blankets etc. Vector files can be enlarged or minimized infinitely without loosing quality. BONUS! Often the elements used in the pattern can also be used separately. If that's the case, you'll also get these files separately.

  • Design of product label - front & back

    We design a product label based on your wishes and graphic profile (if available). Often you need both front and back, so a matching back with eg. table of contents or similar is included. If the label needs specific icons such as for cosmetics or food, that will be included in the design as well.

  • Favicon for website

    A favicon is the little icon you see in the tab of the browser. The favicon is also the icon used when you for example save a website on the home screen of an iPhone. NOTE! Favicon is included in the purchase of a website.

  • Design of Social Media Templates

    Social Media is today by far one of the biggest channels, not only for marketing, but also for creating and maintaining relationships with customers. We create templates for social media that specially resonates for your brand voice. We create these templates in Canva, which is an incredibly simple, free online program where you can create graphic designs for, among other things, social media. Just log in to their website, replace the text and any pictures, and you have a new post to your social media that is 'spot on' your brand and gives the whole feed the same vibe as your brand!

  • Design of advertisement or flyer for print

    We design a flyer in the desired, optional format that I customize for print format. The flyer is customized to your customer target with the message you want to convey. Flyers are superb if you for example have a promotion with a discount code or similar. A background image is included if needed, and you do not have your own image.

  • Professional design of business card for print

    We design your business card and customize it in print format. Both front and back. You can choose to get either ready-made print files, or a template where you can change your name, phone, email and possibly address (if you want the same design with different information).

  • Design of social media post for e.g. Instagram or Facebook

    We design a social media post with optional message. This can be good if you want to get a message through your image, maybe a certain promotion or discount code. Image is included if needed, and you do not have your own image.

  • Facebook cover photo for your Facebook page

    A picture is included if you do not have a picture. A Facebook banner is optimal for promoting a campaign or offer - or simply just presenting your business.

  • Street A-stand design

    We design sign for your A-stand in any size. The most common dimension for street speakers is 50x70cm, but we make the design in the same dimensions as your A-sign, 70x100cm is also common. You choose which message the street talker should convey, this can be an offer or ex. opening hours. We create the design based on your graphic profile or logo with your customer target group in mind. An image is included if needed, and you don't have images of your own. You can print multiple exemplars of the sign to use for both front and back.

  • Design of Facebook ad and Instagram ad

    We design an ad and customize it for both Instagram and Facebook. You choose what message the ad should convey, and I create the ad with your customer target in mind. This can be useful if you want to get a message through the ad image, for example, a certain offer or discount code. Image is included if you do not have an image you want me to use.

  • Brochure

    We design a brochure in the desired format (eg A5), which we adapt for print format. The brochure is in line with your graphic profile. Pictures are included if needed.

  • Design of advertising banner for website

    We design an advertising banner for digital use in any format. Advertising banners are good if you want to advertise on websites other than your own. A background image is included if needed, and you do not have your own image.

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