Logo Design

Your logo – Your brand.

Your logo is often the first thing the customer sees. A professional logo causes the company to initiate more trust.

What first impression would you like to give the customer?

Logo Design

Need a new logo?
We can help you design a unique, modern and stylish logo.

We work with Adobe’s programs for creating logos. Depending on the type of logo to create, we use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and iPad Pro with the Adobe Fresco and Adobe Draw apps. With these programs we create professional logos in vector format.

We can help you with both text logos, logos with graphic elements or hand-drawn as well as handwritten logos. We combine different methods where we use computer as well as iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create your unique logo.

What is Vector Format?

Vector format is the basic format of the logo which is extremely flexible. Vector files can be adjusted to all different formats without losing quality, they are suitable for both print and digital use. You can use a vector file to scale up for print on a billboard or scale down to display as an Instagram icon – the logo always retains the quality and is just as sharp. Of course, when we deliver a completed logo, we always deliver the source files in vector so that you always have full access to them. We also produce high resolution PNG, JPG and PDF files that you can use on the web or for printing.

Logo design for coffee brand.
The logo shows the coffee cycle, from bean to cup.

Modern and stylish logo with incorporated subtle icon that matches the company’s niche.

Logo with Miami, sun, swimming and party as inspiration.

Desire to integrate a flamingo into the logo.


Safe and personal logo for a security company.

Logo design with discreet coffee bean perfectly integrated into the font. The uniquely designed icon of the coffee bean is also used as an icon on for instance coffee cups and as a favicon.


Stylish and personalized logo for a doctor.

Timeless & classic logo for a clothing brand.

bardvier-tagg-of87y0kle1gmod9ihvuccyueqb85bm8cbookmyckhw - kopia

Logo with focus on showing unity. The icon in the form of a flower clearly connects to the name even on its own.

Logo design for a website with a funny twist of the purpose of the website. The majority of visits to the site take place via mobile, and one of the main functions is quick access. Therefore, an app-friendly icon (favicon) was important.

Playful and youthful logo handwritten in vector.
The style fits well both for the business and for the meaning of the name.

Design of logo with clear elements of what the company works with. Icon in the form of car tires is also used as a favicon. The logo is further enhanced by special effects on the website, watch here (click).

marketingsuccess logga

Logo and icon for marketing company that highlights the word success.

Handwritten logotype in a gold effect with icon.



Logo update & Re-branding

Logo for logistics company. The company’s speed is incorporated in the logo by an italic design on the letter f.

Simple and stylish logo design for soap manufacturer.

Handwritten logotype.

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