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One time payment – use forever!

Social Media Planner designed in Google Sheets – easy to use. The planner includes an automatic feed preview and hashtag manager for all your hashtag groups. Use for your account, or to manage clients accounts.

This is included
  • Planner – to quicker plan your social media
  • Automatic feed preview
  • Hashtag manager
  • Statistics
  • Global settings
  • Use for unlimited number of accounts!
  • BONUS! You get the regular planner plus 2 extra planner with support to plan one month at a time, or up to 3 posts per day!

Works for all Social Media

Use this planner for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. It’s customizable for all!

Haven't worked with Google Sheets before?

No worries! It’s super easy, just follow along with our tutorial. All you need is a free Google Account 😊 

See the pages

Immediately after the purchase, you can access the planner and start using it with your Google account. You get a link to the planner that is a Google Sheet template, just press the blur button “Use template” and you’ll have your own copy that you can duplicate however many times you want 😊 

No, you just need a free Google account. The price for the planner is a one-time payment, and you are free to use the planner forever ✨

Yes, as long as you are the owner. You are free to share it so that your colleagues or clients can approve posts etc. 

With the regular planner you can plan up to one post a day and one story a day, for multiple platforms (of course you can also skip days and only plan for example every other day). You also get our bonus planner that has support for planning up to 3 posts and 3 stories a day, for multiple platforms – this planner is great if you have a busy schedule for social media 😊 

We have created the automatic feed preview with an advanced algorithm within the Google Sheet. This algorithm automatically fetches your planned posts and puts them in the order in which they will be displayed in the feed on Instagram. No more guessing how it will look once you post! ✨

You can pay with PayPal, card, Apple Pay or Google Pay – depending on what device you use.

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