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Example 5

Ready-made WordPress website with everything you need!

Elementor Pro’s functions is included for 2 years, value approx. 100 euro / 1000 sek.

3 990 SEK

Example 5

Stylish & state-of-the-art design. Fits the new company or as a presentation site.
See the design Live

3 990 SEK

Website language
Delivery within 24 hours
Due to the digital nature of the product no returns are accepted.

More than a template!

This is much more than a WordPress theme. In this package you get a completely finished website, you do not have to bother with installing WordPress yourself. We know how difficult it can be to choose basic settings in WordPress: Should you have full width or not? Do you want a sticky header? What size should the logo show in? Are you going to use a Cache plugin, which one? How to do SEO?

At first glance, it may feel easy to install WordPress yourself, and it is, but there is more to think about than you think. It is not enough to install WordPress and add a theme, in the theme you have to make lots of settings for the style, for widget areas, page width, media queries etc. In addition, you need to add more plugins to get an optimal website. Many plugins use cookies, and then you also have to write with which cookies are used and how they are used. If you install the wrong plugins, your site may also have security flaws and be easy to hack.

In this package we have simplified everything. Everything is ready and optimized for a website in English. In addition, you get Elementor Pro page builder which makes the site super easy to edit, even for a beginner!

It's this simple

01. Choose a design

Choose one of six designs where you can easily edit colors, fonts, texts and images yourself!

02. Upload to your web hotel

With our simple guide~

When you buy this package, you get our PDF guide which describes how to launch your new website. You simply upload two files to your web host, then start a guide that takes you through 3 simple steps to configure the website. The only thing you need to have on hand is the info for your database – this is auto-generated on most web hosts, but a how-to is also included in our guide.


03. Add your texts and images

Easy with our Guide!

You get our in-depth WordPress guide that describes how to edit texts and images super easy! The guide also describes how to change colors and fonts if you want to do so, and how to handle any updates etc. Simply everything you need to know to be able to maintain your new website!

The website has everything you need

Your new website comes preset with optimal settings and everything you need. The site will be easy to maintain, even for beginners.

WordPress, which is the world’s largest CMS system, also has great support for further development when needed.


The website base come optimized for SEO so you can get started with keyword optimization right away.

Notice & Policy

We have written a Cookie Policy based on how the website uses cookies, so the site complies with applicable laws.


Elementor Pro makes it easy to edit the content of the site, even for you without any prior knowledge.


With the finished site, you get with our WordPress guide that includes everything you need to know.

3 990 SEK

One time fee.
Delivery within 24 hours.

All of this is included in the package


Delivery time 24 hours

All Ready - Made designs are always

Mobile friendly & Responsive

Which means they adapt and look good on all screen sizes.

responsiv webbdesign

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