Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply when you as a consumer or company (the “Buyer”) enter into an agreement with Annie Nilsson corporate identity number 930514-8505 (“WebByAnnie” / “We”). Detailed contact information and other information about WebByAnnie can be found on the website webbyannie.com, under the contact tab. Visiting address: Norra Vallgatan 20, 211 25 Malmö. Postal address: Norra Vallgatan 30, 211 25 Malmö.


All prices are shown excluding Swedish VAT (25%). VAT is added at the checkout for private individuals and companies in Sweden. Companies with a base outside Sweden that are outside Sweden must state a VAT number or Tax number in order not to pay Swedish VAT, in these cases reverse tax liability applies where the buyer reports the VAT in his country. Should the VAT number or Tax number turn out not to be correct, we reserve the right to charge Swedish VAT after the fact. Private individuals outside Sweden pay Swedish VAT that is added in the checkout.

Payment with Klarna.

With Klarna, you pay easily and securely with all Klarna’s payment options. When you choose to complete a purchase with Klarna, you accept Klarna’s terms and conditions stated at checkout. Klarna will then also have access to your personal information that you enter, as well as information about your order that is needed to handle the payment.

Payment with PayPal.

With PayPal, you pay easily and securely with a card. When you choose to complete a purchase with PayPal, you accept PayPal’s terms and conditions stated at checkout. PayPal will then also have access to your personal information that you enter, as well as information about your order that is needed to handle the payment.

Website development, or design of logos (”Projects”)

Website development and graphic design is a service that WebByAnnie provides. WebByAnnie also provides premade digital services such as ready-made websites, icons, templates etc.

If you have bought a ready-made product, e.g. ready-made website, icon or template via WebByAnnie.com the price you see on the product page and at checkout is applied. If you have booked your project separately, a sum agreed in the purchase agreement is paid upon booking as a booking fee. If this fee is not paid within the time specified in the purchase agreement, the project will be canceled.

Ready-Made websites & Website development

For ready-made websites, the customer will get the files for the website delivered as 2 files. The customer will then need to upload these files to a web hotel (or other server) to be able to use the website. The server on the web hotel must run PHP 5.6 or later (preferably 7.0 or later), the website will also need the database handler MySQL. The PHP limit on the server should not be below 128MB, and would preferably be at least 256MB in order for the site not to be experienced as slow. Elementor Pro’s functions is included for 2 years (from date of delivery) under our Elementor Pro license.

For custom projects: The website is built on WebByAnnie’s server and when the website is ready, the buyer can check it. Once we have agreed that the website is complete and confirms to the specification in the purchase agreement, the remaining payment will be made. Only when the final payment has been made the finished website will be uploaded to the buyer’s server.

Logo design & Graphic design

Premade icons, templates and similar are sent in the formats specified on the product page.

For tailor-made bookings of graphic design / logos: The files are sent in the format / formats agreed in the contract.

Use, ownership, rights & licenses

Until the final payment is made, WebByAnnie owns the rights to all material, websites, ready-made website, icons, graphic templates, etc. When the final payment is made, the customer owns the rights to the website or the graphic material created, with the following exceptions:

If the project includes a website, the base is built with WordPress, which has an open source code with the GPLv2 license. The plugins and themes used on the site usually have the same GPL license as WordPress, but may also have other licenses for different parts of the code. In the file directory for the website, you can see in each folder for themes and plugins whether other licenses apply and what they are in the cases in question. Unless specifically agreed in the agreement, the customer may not resell a copy of the website created. The customer is also not allowed to modify the website and then resell it. If the project is only including extensions on the existing website (not a full site), this only applies to the extensions in the code.

For ready-made websites

The customer may only use as many copies of the website as they purchased (stated at checkout and in the order confirmation email), ie. 1 (one) purchase of a ready-made website may be used on 1 (one) domain name in one edition. You are not allowed to duplicate the ready-made website and use it on several domain names. You are also not allowed to resell / give away copies of the files for the ready-made websites. However, the customer is allowed to sell his copy / give away his copy, as long as no more copies than the ones the customer paid for are active at the same time.
The customer may not make changes to the website and then resell copies, but the customer may make changes to the website and then resell that (paid for) copy.

The websites contains sample images and sample texts. The texts are allowed to be used, but we recommend that you post your own texts on the website. The images where you can distinguish people are taken from unsplash.com and may be used in accordance with Unsplash license. Some of the images without faces are taken from pexels.com and may be used in accordance with Pexels license. The licenses are similar and the images can be used in a very similar way, which of the images that come from pexels and unsplash are shown in the image’s title in the media library.

In cases where the Ready-Made website is used on more than 1 (one) domain name (ie the customer uploads more websites but only paid for one Ready-Made package), WebByAnnie reserves the right to charge the customer for all copies created with the same Ready-Made website. An invoice is then sent to the customer based on the current price for a WebByAnnie Ready-Made website multiplied by the number of copies made. In this case, the invoice has a payment period of 10 days. After the invoice due date, interest is charged at the current reference rate + 10 percentage points.

For ready-made icons and templates
The customer may use and modify the icons and templates however they want, these exceptions apply: The customer may not resell or give away copies of the templates or icons. The customer is, however, allowed to create an unlimited amount of copies to use for themselves in their own projects, social media posts etc.
For custom projects with websites or graphic design

If images are included in the project, they are only licensed for use in the finished product, ie. they may only be used on the website created on the domain name specified in the signed contract.

If the project includes graphic design where images, icons or other graphic elements have been incorporated in the finished design, those images may only be used in that design, but may of course be mass-produced, for example. printed in several copies, and used both in print and on the web. All images and icons have either an Envato Elements License, a Pixabay License or an Unsplash License. Some graphic elements also have the same mentioned licenses as images and icons.

For custom (not ready-made) material this also applies;
All graphic material created have after the final payment a royalty-free license with the restriction: Unless specifically agreed in the agreement, the customer may not resell the graphic material created. The customer is also not allowed to modify the graphic material and then resell it.

Custom logo design

When it comes to custom logo design, the customer has full rights after final payment with a royalty-free license for the logo and can then use it in any way in both print and digital. After final payment, the customer owns full rights to the logo indefinitely and thus has full ownership of the logo in all forms it was delivered (eg also favicon).


WebByAnnie takes no responsibility for the customer’s website after the website has been uploaded to the customer’s server / web host. When the website is uploaded, the buyer and / or owner of the website is 100% responsible for the website and the content of the website. Upon delivery, we disclaim all responsibility for the website and its content (eg copyrighted material) as the website and its content may be completely modified by the owner of the website. WebByAnnie also does not take any responsibility for the materials created with any ready-made templates or icons, etc. bought from WebByAnnie.

Information about returns and the right of withdrawal

For companies

No right of withdrawal applies. From the day when an agreement is entered into by signing the purchase agreement or by making a purchase directly on the website, the company (the Buyer) is obliged to pay the full amount for the agreed service / the purchased product. Whether it is a digital product or a physical product.

For private individuals / consumers

Private individuals have a 14-day right of withdrawal in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act, and Swedish law.

  • For physical products: The withdrawal period begins to run the day of delivery.
  • For custom booked projects: The withdrawal period begins to run the day after the agreement (Purchase Agreement) for the project with information about the start date has been signed.
The following exceptions apply

For booked custom projects: If you agree to the project being started within 14 days by the agreed date in the purchase agreement, the right of withdrawal is shortened. If you regret starting a project (started service), you will be obliged to pay for the service performed. When the project (the Service) is completed, you no longer have a right of withdrawal even if this would be within 14 days, because you have then approved that the service starts within the withdrawal period. The booking fee that is paid when booking is not refunded when exercising the right of withdrawal.

Digital material / Digital services – No right of withdrawal / No returns

When purchasing digital material that is delivered in another way than on a physical medium, e.g. ready-made website, premade designs, icons, PDFs or similar, no right of withdrawal applies, and no returns are accepted. You agree to this when you make a purchase of a digital nature.

Physical goods

Where applicable, the product description states that it is a physical product. According to the Distance and Home Sales Act, you as a consumer (this does not apply to companies) have the right to withdraw from the agreement by notifying us within 14 days of receiving the product. In order for you to be able to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must return the product in undamaged condition, in original packaging. When exercising the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the return cost.

How to use your right of withdrawal / make a return

To cancel the purchase within the time of the right of withdrawal, you must notify WebByAnnie via email to hello@webbyannie.com.

You can also use the Consumer Agency’s form, which you can download by clicking here.

In order for you to have time to exercise your right of withdrawal in time, it is sufficient that you send in your notification that you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

Privacy policy

When you make a purchase, you agree that your personal information is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

Swedish Law

These terms and conditions apply in accordance with Swedish law.

By starting the chat, you agree to our privacy policy.

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