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The best option for a modern responsive website that is easy to maintain. Even those without the knowledge of web design can update a lot themselves.

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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Annie, you can find me at my office in Malmö, Sweden.

When I was little I started with painting, moved on to sewing my own clothes and creating jewelry, and then I found the digital world where it was possible to create anything!
Today I primarily create websites and graphic design. I also work with web development both front-end and back-end, specifically with JavaScript and PHP. I have a wide range of skills that can easily be applied to all sorts of projects.

When I create websites, I work primarily with WordPress just because it is such an amazing and flexible tool and it’s constantly evolving with the present. More about me.

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Say Hello to Fanny!

For a while, my sister Fanny has also been working with me.

Hi! After being inspired by Annie, I have studied web development and graphic design at Linnéuniversitetet. So much fun to get to work with my sister! I help with admin and also with web design, formatting, image editing etc. You will probably hear from me via email!

Fannys nanmn skrivet i svart med en liten smiley

Web development & Graphic design

We can help you with all different kind of websites.

with WordPress

WordPress is the best option for a modern responsive website. Even those without prior knowledge of web design can maintain and update their website using its easy interface. WordPress is very cost effective, by the uses of a so-called Theme Builder it is fast and easy to apply a design and the ground structure of the website – the way you want it.

Webshop for E-commerce

With WordPress as a base, the choices are endless for what type of website you can create. Most things can be done with so-called Plugins, small applications that give WordPress more features by the push of a button. One of the most popular Plugins is WooCommerce, WooCommerce converts WordPress into a user-friendly webshop.

WooCommerce - integrated with WP

WooCommerce powers approx. 30-40% of all online stores and is the largest on the market compared to other CMS systems for webshops. It is extremely flexible and works great with responsive websites. WooCommerce can also handle all different products, including physical, downloadable and external products.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Modern Design

All websites we design are responsive
& adapt to all screen sizes

previous projects

a selection - different type of websites

Website structure with 10 websites for the Fyrstads Group
Website for realtor with automatic import of objects via API
Affiliate site with advanced algorithm for importing products
Stylish and modern corporate presentation for construction company
Website for restaurant with unique design
Tailored OnePage for consulting company
Bilingual site for beauty clinic
Modern website for non-profit event association
Tailor-made online store for electric car chargers with variable products
Website for education book with exercise form for students
Website for dentist based on Example 1
Tailor-made website for company that issue PCR Travel Certificates
Website for security company based on Example 5
Web design for beauty clinic
Unique online store for clothing service with variable products
Driver service website based on Example 5
Information website for skin clinic
Large site with a lot of subpages for a beauty clinic chain
Custom made one page with video presentation
Custom made OnePage for company presentation
Presentation website for dentist
Marie Plosjö's art gallery with online auctions for artists
OnePage website with webshop
Exercise-inspired webshop with blog
Custom made design and web development for food blog
Website for hairdresser based on Example 1
Website for security company
Website with unique design for consulting company
Website for car company with product catalog
Web design for gym with booking of classes & member registration
Presentation website for cleaning company
Presentation & information website
Unique website for technology company
Custom made website for gardening company
Presentation website for shipping company
Company presentation with login for the coworkers
Tailor-made member site for boat enthusiasts with advertising space
Modern fashion webshop
Tailored OnePage for finance company
Website based on Example 5
Presentation website for physio clinic
Unique OnePage for laboratory
Presentation website for construction company based on Example 1
Website for painting company with a quote based on Example 2
Company presentation website based on Example 5
Landing page with online booking
OnePage website for dental company
Online store for handmade jewelry
Website for dj based on Example 4
Website for flooring company
Online store with two languages ​​and dual currencies
Website with online booking for climbing club

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