The best option for a modern responsive website that is easy to maintain, even those without prior knowledge of web design update their website. WordPress is very cost-effective because one can use so-called Theme Builders to get the desired look, keeping the price low.

Why WordPress?

The biggest reason to choose WordPress is definitely not because it is the largest, has the most features, support for everything you may ever need and runs approx. 30% of all websites on the entire internet.

WordPress is easy

WordPress is very easy to use, and even the inexperienced can maintain and update the site themselves. With the use of plugin, you can design an entire web page with drag & drop features.

WordPress is flexible

You can get the design just the way you want it, and with WordPress you can build whatever you want – a blog, web shop, company presentation or whatever!

WordPress is Cost-effective

WordPress has many help-tools, such as Theme Builders or Plugins that speeds up the process and lowers the cost of creating a website.

WordPress is responsive

Today, WordPress and all designs are responsive by default, your new website will therefore be responsive and work just as well on your computer, tablet or phone.


Themes are predefined designs that you can easily apply to your WordPress website. There are a lot of different themes, most are free, but you can also buy a Theme. Themes are easy to install and activate, but usually a bit more work is required to get the desired look. If you have knowledge of CSS, this is typically enough to make minor changes. Of course, we’ll help with this when we create your new website.

Most of the time I do not only work with a theme because it is not flexible enough to get to all different designs. If you work with a ready-made theme, you should not change the base code as the changes disappear in the event of an update. Therefore, we use other techniques to accomplish different designs, sometimes with a theme as a base or completely without a theme. This depends entirely on what type of website I am building and how you want the design.


Plugins are small programs one with ease can install on a WordPress site. The Plugins extend the functionality and give you endless opportunities.

There are lots of free plugins available as well as paid plugins where you can get support from the creator if it does not work properly.

Because of its widespread use, there are a ton of Plugins for WordPress. If you want a special feature on your website, there is probably already a Plugin for it. You usually do not need to hire a programmer to add features to your WordPress site, but sometimes minor adjustments may need to be made to accomplish exactly the result you are looking for. The Plugins speed up the working process, resulting in a smaller cost for you and your website.

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